Dua for the Start and End of Hijrah Year (With English & Rumi Transliteration)

In today’s article, I have compiled the dua for end of Hijrah Year, as well as the dua for the start of Hijrah Year. To those who might not know, Hijrah Year is also known as the Hijri New Year, Islamic New Year, or Muharram (Al-Hijra) in the Islamic Calendar.

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These supplications are recommended by MUIS Singapore, the official Islamic body of Singapore.

Without further ado, let’s start…

Dua for the End of Hijrah Year

From the Office of the Mufti, Singapore

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

All praises be to Allah, Lord of all Universe. Praises be to Prophet Muhammad saw, his family and his companions.

Oh Allah, a year has passed in our life. You have bestowed on us the Greatness of Your nikmah in which we could never imagine and You have protected us from harm when we cannot detach ourselves from it. We have done deeds in which only You have knowledge of its good or bad.

Oh Allah, if the deed that we have done is in accordance to Your Teachings, please accept those deeds as meaningful deeds in your eyes. However, if those deeds have been accompanied with boastfulness and envy or we have done ourselves wrong, or its intention had been tainted, we seek Your Forgiveness and we implore that You hide all these wrongdoings. Please bless us with goodness and Your bountiful provisions.

Oh Allah, the New Year has crawled in and the current year will leave us shortly. However, we do not know what is in store for us in the coming year. We are ignorant as to where our life will head to. It is our hope that You allow us to begin this New Year with the door of Forgiveness so that we do not end this life in loss. Oh Allah, we plead that you shower Taufiq to us in this year for us to continue to do good deeds that receive Your pleasure and a harmonious life that you bless.

Oh Allah, we seek your Might to safeguard our physical self so that we continue to worship you. Safe keep us so that our hearts are filled with love. Please open our hearts so that we seek you always just like how you open the hearts of those who are righteous. Please place us amongst those who keep to their promises and able to fulfill our responsibilities. Please make our life a witness to all deeds that you have enjoined us to do, Oh Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Giving.

Dua for the start of Islamic New Year (1st Day of Muharram)

From the Kanzu-n Najah wa-s Surur of Sheikh Abdul Hamid b. Muhammad Ali Quds

islamic new yearTransliteration (English)

In the name of Allah, the Universally Merciful, the Singularly Compassionate. And blessings and peace be upon our liege-lord Muhammad, his family and companions. O Allah, Thou are the First from All Eternity. By Thou great bounty and generosity, this is the dawn of another new year. (So) I beseech Thee at this hour to bestow upon me (a) an impregnable shield from the malevolent plots of the accursed Satan, his allies and his foot-soldiers and (b) succour over the evil-self that incites to deviation, disobedience, and sin and (c) to engage in that which brings proximity to Thee. O possessor of Supreme Majesty and Unrivalled Generosity. And blessings and peace be upon the unlettered Prophet, Muhammad, and upon his family and companions.

Transliteration (Rumi)

bismi Llâhi-r raḥmâni-r raḥîm, wa sṣalla Llâhu ‘alâ sayyidinâ Muḥammadin wa ‘alâ âlihi wa sṣahḥbihi wa sallam, Allâhumma anta-l abadiyyu-l qadîmu-l awwal, wa ‘alâ fadḍlika-l azẓîmi wa karami jûdika-l mu’awwali, wa hâdhâ âmun jadîdun qad aqbal, as’aluka-l ‘iṣmata fîhi mina-sh shaiṭâni wa awliyâ’ihi wa junûdihi, wa-l ‘awna ‘alâ hâdhihi-n nafsi-l ammârati bi-s sû’i, wa-l ishtighâla bimâ yuqarribunî ilaika zulfâ, yâ dha-l jalâli wa-l ikrâmi, wa ṣalla Llâhu ‘alâ sayyidinâ Muḥammadini-n nabiyyi-l ummiyyi wa ‘alâ âlihi wa ṣaḥbihi wa sallam.

Best Practice(s) To Recite

The pious (salihin) recites this supplication 3 times after sunset prayers (maghrib) on the first day of Muharram.

Benefits of this Supplication

Some saints (awliya) have said that reciting this supplication will result in Allah, Most High, assigning two Angels to protect the reciter from committing any (major) sins.

This supplication can be found in:

  • Kanzu-n najahi wa-s surur
    by: Al-‘Allamah Al-Shaikh ‘Abdul Hamid b. Muhammad ‘Ali Quds
  • al-munjiyat
    by: Shaikh Dr. Thaika Shu’aib al-Kirkari al-Siddiqi

Dua for the Start of Islamic New Year [Long Version]

From the Office of the Mufti, Singapore

All praises be to Allah, Lord of all Universe.

Oh Allah, bless and shower peace upon our liege Muhammad, his family and his companions.

Oh Allah, we raise our hands to You during day and night and we seek the generosity of Your Bountiful Treasures through Your Beautiful Names and at this time when we are deep in love for You and all love that projects Your Greatness.

Oh Allah, the New Year is upon us as You had planned it be. As Your creation who constantly seek Your blessings, the coming of the New Year has given us yet another opportunity to raise our hands in entreaty seeking Your Mercy. We ask only from You. We seek Your continued guidance and knowledge just like how you have guided us through our existence. You have perfected our lives and livelihoods with your bountiful provisions. Make us, our hearts, and physical selves strong, just as how you have strengthened those who you have chosen. We desire protection against wrongs be it physically or spiritually through this strength.

Oh Allah Almighty, we implore you to grant us intellectual strength, peace, potency in our confidence, steadfastness in upholding our religion, and goodness for ourselves and those amongst us.

Oh Allah, protect us from anything that troubles us, thoughts that confuse us, experiences that sadden us and constrict our hearts. Safeguard us from all wrongdoings, harm and confusion.

Oh Allah, we seek Your Bounty to bestow what we have sought.

Oh Allah, Lord of those who give assistance, help us.

Oh Protector of all harm, protect us from harm and turmoil.

Oh Most Gracious, Most Merciful, enter this New Year with success and peace for us and all Muslims who are working in your cause. Make the coming year filled with beautiful experiences so that we can taste the blessings in living. Let us be the happiest people with You.

Oh Allah, forgive us for all our wrongdoings and please accept our good deeds. Bless our time, moments, movements and stillness.

Oh Allah, protect our country from harm, eradicate any source that may disrupt our peacefulness, aid us to maintain our country’s peace and progress in your blessings, Lord of all Mighty.

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