20+ Beautiful Islamic Prayer Quotes For Daily Recitation

Islamic Prayer Quotes (Dua) – Assalamualaikum all, today I would like to share some of the beautiful prayer quotes, or dua (doa), in beautiful pictures, that we can recite daily.

Prayers, or dua, should be uttered at all times, not only during times of distress.

The Prophet Muhammad Sall-Allahu alayhi wa sallam said:

“Whosoever desires that Allah answers his duas in unfavorable and difficult conditions, he should make plentiful dua in days of ease and comfort.” Also he said: “The person who does not ask from Allah, Allah becomes angry with him.”

Dua is a conversation with Allah s.w.t, our Creator, our Lord and Master, the All Knowing, the All Powerful.

As decribed in Albalagh, this act in itself is of extraordinary significance. It is the most uplifting, empowering, liberating and transforming conversation a person can ever have.

We turn to Him because we know that He alone can lift our sufferings and solve our problems. We feel relieved after describing our difficulties to our Creator. We feel empowered after having communicated with the All Mighty.

We feel and sense His mercy all around us after talking to the Most Merciful. We get a new commitment to follow His path for that is the path for success. We feel blessed with each such commitment.

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Beautiful Islamic Prayer Quotes (Dua)

O Allah, remove from my heart the love of everything not beloved to You

Ya Rabb, don’t put me back into what you once took me out from

O Allah, Guide me among those whom you have guided

O Allah! Enlighten what is dark in me. Strengthen what is weak in me. Mend what is broken in me. Bind what is bruised in me. Heal what is sick in me. Straighten what is crooked in me. Revive whatever peace & love died in me.

Oh Allah, help me make correct choices

Ya Rabb! Grant us a way out of our difficulties, save us from the situation we’re in, sooner rather than later. We pray for Your Mercy.

O Allah, give me patience when things don’t go my way. You know what is best for me, so help me accept what You have decreed for me and make me among Your grateful servants. Ameen.

Ya Allah, don’t let us die unless we are true Muslims

Duaa for protection

Oh Allah, I seek refuge from worry and grief weakness and cowardice extreme debt and being overpowered by men.

Yaa Rabb, show me what’s right is right. Keep me on it. Strengthen me with it. Bless me with it. Ameen.

O Allah! Allow us to stand strong when we are tested

Beautiful Dua: Allahumma Bismika Amutu Wa Ahya. Oh Allah with your name I die & I live

Guide us on the straight path. World is round, and all its paths. You end up where you started from. It’s only Allah and Prophet’s way which is straight and only straight paths do lead to destination

May the peace, mercy and blessings of Allah be with you

Show us the straight path

Ya Allah, you blessed me with Islam and I didn’t ask for it. Ya Allah, bless me with Jannat-ul-Firdays, and I am asking for it | Imam Ash-Shafa-i

May Allah s.w.t. give you peace in your heart

May Allah s.w.t. remove your sadness

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